The First Day of School


It was the very first day of my 3 years in high school.

I did not want to wake up, get up from my beloved bed, let alone to get ready for school. I hated that school. I hated the fact that Mom did not allow me to apply to another high school where all of my best friends from junior high school were going to. After hours of crying in the morning, finally there I was, standing at the door of my new classroom, wondering if I could ever make friends with any of these strangers.

And then there was a boy, walking towards me. He introduced himself, and as I smiled to him, I made a mental note to myself,

“I guess high school won’t be that bad after all…” And we have been best friends ever since.

As days went by, we grew closer. We were classmates since the first and all the way until the third grade. I never thought that I could manage to befriend a guy and no feelings involved.

Truth be told, we couldn’t. I should have learned it by heart, that there is no way and no place in this messed-up world, for a guy and a girl to be best friends. Maybe it is not the world, maybe it is just our poor big hearts, messing up with our little brains…


It was not a love-at-first-sight.

It was the very first day of my 3 years in high school.

I was excited, more than ever. As I walked through the corridor, my eyes fixated on a girl standing in front of my-supposed-to-be classroom. I wondered about her, her petite figure, her long black hair tied up in a ponytail, and mostly about her gesture–showing as if this is the last place on earth where she wanted to be at the moment, why? My brain told me not to make eye contact with this girl, reassuring myself that ‘this is a bad move and your high school life would depend on it’ but there I was, walking towards her with a big-stupid smile on my face, frikkin’ introduced myself to this petite girl.

She flashed her smile, the warmest one I’ve ever seen. My heart flustered.

"Meeting you was fate
Becoming your friend was a choice
But falling in love with you I had no control over”

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