New Year, New What?

Nine days into the new year, and things just dont seem to get right. Worse if I may say.

Our family is getting bigger and our house is a bit crowded now. During this pandemic, our family is very careful and strict to keep our social and physical distancing. Until…

One of the helpers (N) at home went to her hometown. A week ago she came back to this house (Jan 2nd) and of course we asked her to do the health protocols: wearing mask at all times for 14 days and washing hands regularly. She was the nanny of my baby niece and I am worriedsick for the baby.

2 days upon her arrival (Jan 4th), the other helper (A) told us that N was sick. So that very morning we asked N to get the PCR Test. The very sameday, the result came out and she was tested positive. Since she had the symptoms, my sister gave N an option to self-quarantine at the hospital, but she refused it and wanted to go back to her hometown instead. Since it was also because of her own doing that she caught the virus, so we let her go.

The bad news is, now we need to concern about the baby and A (because she shared the room with N). Fortunately, both of the baby and A do not have any symptoms. But still, for precautions, Jan 7th, I took A to the hospital for the PCR Test. This evening, the result just came out, and yes as predicted, A is also positive. A is the one who cooks for us and does the general cleaning at home. Although she is also wearing a mask most of the times after we knew that N was infected, I have to say that I am scared now.

Oh my god. The virus is here. In our roof. I just cant sleep, because tomorrow morning, every person in the house (including all the babies) will be tested for covid. I pray to God that nobody will get the positive result… Please…

But what if we do?

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