I Miss You WP

It’s 8.17 pm and I’m still on my way home after work. Anyway, this is the beauty of taking the public transportation: I can open up this page and writing these words down. Dont give a damn of Jakarta’s traffic or dont have to think about which less-traffic-route I should take to get home, cause I’m not the one who’s driving at a time.

Well o well, ternyata udah lumayan lama juga yah sejak terakhir I wrote things in detail on this blog. Udah selama itu pun nggak buka WP web version. Udah selama itu ternyata nggak punya banyak waktu kosong buat meracau macem-macem disini and gladly, semakin hari semakin sedikit hal yang bisa gue racauin lagi. I really miss this site. I really miss posting. So let’s hope, kemampuan menulis gue nggak menguap entah kemana and this post would be worth to read.

Here I go. After a few months working at this company, today was the first day I left the office this late. You know, there’s a HUGE difference between working as a consultant at WB and as an employee at a state-owned company. I still can remember when I was working with expats on my previous job. When they say “Guys, we need to work overtime today”, that means I will leave the office at least 9 in the evening, or at 10 the latest. And here, when the boss says, “Nad, kita lembur yah hari ini, ada yang harus diselesain”, I thought I’d be going home at 9 just like the old days. Surprisingly, jam 6 lewat sekian setelah adzan maghrib, si Bapak sudah kepingin pulang. Definisi lembur yang berbeda gue rasa yah, antara bule dan orang Indonesia. Yaa, tapi tetep aja, gue emang harus menyelesaikan beberapa pekerjaan dan baru bisa pulang sekitar jam 7 tadi. And if you pay much attention, yes, sudah satu jam lebih gue di jalan and still not even close to get home…

Terkadang, waktu kayak gini juga gue syukuri sih. The kind of me time yang udah jarang banget bisa gue dapetin. Setidaknya, I’m pretty much productive lah yah, bisa nulis post ini disaat macets. Ah, I can hardly wait for tomorrow and embrace the weekend with a smile!

And hopefully this post is quite nice as a warming up of being able to write again 🙂

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