You leave
But you dont stay gone
Why do you do that
Abandon the thing you want to keep
Why do you linger
In a  place you do not want to stay
Why do you think it’s okay to do both
Go and return all at once

– Rupi Kaur

I don’t know what living a balanced life feels like
When I am sad
I don’t cry I pour
When I am happy
I don’t smile I glow
When I am angry
I don’t yell I burn
The good thing about feeling in extremes is
When I love I give them wings
But perhaps that isn’t such a good thing cause
They always tend to leave
And you should see me
When my heart is broken
I don’t grieve
I shatter

– Milk and Honey

The One

I don’t want you to love me because I’m good for you, because I say and do all the right things. Because I am everything you have been looking for.

I want to be the one that you didn’t see coming. The one who gets you under your skin. Who makes you unsteady. Who makes you question everything you have ever believed about love. Who makes you feel reckless and out of control. The one you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to.

I don’t want to be the one who tucks you into bed—I want to be the reason why you can’t sleep at night.

Lang Leav – The Universe of Us

I want us to talk again—like the way we did before we wanted to do anything more than that. I want us to talk.

And if we never talk again, I want you to know that I miss that most of all—and every time the sun goes down, I think of all the things I wish I could tell you.

– The Universe of Us



Masih ga bisa move on dari play kemaren… Marked as one of the happiest days of my life, watched the play of one of my fav book series in one of my fav cities in the world. Yak, ini untuk merayakan satu bulan resmi jadi mahasiswa lagi dan jadi UK residen 😀

Just finished reading this incredible book in 4 hours straight. First day of period plus the way Adhitya Mulya delivers the story make my face burst into tears. Such a nice thing to read!

One book one week (or month, perhaps?!) for 2015!


Gemuruh di hatiku mereda sendirinya
Langit menjadi lebih cerah
Dan udara tak lagi menyesakkan dada
Mungkin karena telah kutemukan
Definisi lain dari cinta
Makna tak lagi berasal dari pertemuan
Dan rasa rindu membuatku bahagia

– Always, Laila