Handing in two bounds of the report, which I wrote with so much tears and blood, and lots of complaints, and a lot of suicidal thoughts, too. Lol, jk.

This is me grinning from ear to ear, saying goodbye to master(ing)’s lyfeee¬†(hopefully, they’ll let me pass this final course, dear God, if you listenin please helppp!).

Well, I’ve tried my best. Now let God do the rest ūüôā



**terimakasihbenga terimakasihtata terimakasihreo





The view from my bedroom window through the seasons. Absolutely gonna miss this place. But I’m not gonna lie, as much as I love living in this city, nothing will ever beat the feelings living under the same roof with your beloved ones. Can hardly wait to go home.

Semoga waktu tidurku tidak terjajah oleh disertasi lagi, merdeka! #maknamerdekayangsesungguhnya #feelinlikeawalkinzombierightnow #hidupseganmatitakmau #kapankelarnya #finalsubmsissionudahdidepanmata

Sampai lagi¬†liat-liat¬†album foto aja, diingetin ama tesis —> cleaning the river together.

#kurangpiknik #abissubmitpokoknyamaulanjalan #okesipbalikkefolderdisertasilagi #marinedebrisforlyfeee #tuhantolongbantuaku

N: Please, lets take a selfie! This could be our last time studying together.

R: Aw, you’re so sweet, Nadia.

J: No, this cant be the last time. We will still need each other when we write the dissertation. You will complain about your problem, and he will too. And that’s how you get the motivation to keep going…

*but we took the selfie anyway*

May all the hard work be paid off! Amen!

#bhayexams #termtwoisofficiallyover #kemudiandisambutsummer #dansiapmenyambutramadhan