Jadi emang sama covid ini ga boleh jumawa ya guys. Baru aja beberapa minggu lalu bisa bernapas lega, eh, round in circles here we go. Trauma aku tuh!

Husband’s family was just tested positive. My mother in law was hospitalized and the rests were having self-quarantine at home. But the issue was that, my husband also needed to isolate himself since he took care of his family during this time. Kalau awal Januari lalu kami isolasi sama-sama, Februari ini terpaksa terpisah. Waiting for 5 days to see if he developed any symptoms, then he took the test. Thank God it was negative.

It’s been a while since the last time we were able to leave the house, due to the never ending self-quarantine from January. So to keep us sane, we took the time to go out and about to a quiet place. Grateful to still be able to breathe in the fresh air.

So to sum up this month, we do still have to take this virus seriously.

Please stay safe.

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