H : Is that him? The one who was waiting for you at the gate this morning, grinning when he saw your face?

M : Yes, why? And anyway, he’s just like that. He’s always smiling.

H : Shit man, he likes you.

M : Of course not. Why would you say that? He has a girlfriend you know.

H : In here? Or back at home?

M : Back at home.

H : See? Long distance relationship is just not working. That’s why.

M : No, we’re friends. Best friends.

H : There’s no such things. Look, I dont know how it works in your country, but in here, when a boy always tries to help and protect you, he definitely likes you.

M : No. We’re just friends. That’s it.

H : When I want to learn about that kind of friendship, I’ll go to your country, yeah?

M : Shut up. It’s true we’re friends. It’s genuine. Not every guy wants to bang every girl they meet you know.

H : Well, at least for me.

M : And the good thing is he’s not youuu.

H : I tell you what, boys won’t be friends with you if they’re not interested with you in the first place.

I care less about him cause I can assure that we’re just friends. I’m just curious to know of how you think of me now.

And then he flashed a smile at me, shook his head, left me speechless.

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