Though we may fight and argue sometimes or maybe everytime, I just want you to know that I will always love you, wholeheartedly. Thank you for carrying me for 9 months. I’m sorry that I caused you so much pain when you were giving birth to me. Thank you for feeding me and making me who I am today. I’m sorry that I drained your beauty and made you look so tired and old. I’m sorry for making you lose sleep whenever I’m sick or whenever I stay out too late. Thank you for always having eyes on me. Thank you for always believing in me even when I can’t believe in myself.

I believe that God will never give a burden more than we could bear. I believe you can get through it, Ma, we’re all in this together. Now just let us take a good care of you, just like what you’ve always done for everyone in the family. Don’t give up just yet, we’re gonna fly across the continent on my master’s graduation. Don’t give up just yet, Ma, you gotta see me tie the knot to the man who’s gonna love me the way Daddy does to you. Please, be strong and have a little faith. This too shall pass…

And you have not other than Allah any protector or any helper.

-Al Quran 29 : 22

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