I just like the fact that she dropped all of her album final single mv with the montage of footage from her world tour. This girl really knows what she’s doing from the very start. YASSS MY QUEEN!

Hope you enjoy your well earned break, Tay!!!

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  1. Jujur, terlalu banyak hal yang mau gue komenin mengenai ini. Mulai dari beat lagu yang B aja, suara yang lebih B aja, lirik yang super jelek dan sangatlah bermuka dua “the best people in life are free?” Come on, Tay… Don’t make me even hate you more.

    “Trust me mine is better.” Of course, my dear big-headed-drama-Queen, yours is always better.

    Frankly, I lost my words.

    I couldn’t even manage to watch it til the end.

    Your beloved fans-turns into-raging haters.

    1. Irony sih emang bagian “The best people in life are free” tapi bahkan video ini pertama kali muncul mesti berbayar. I do love her cause I can relate to the songs, Bek! She’s one of a kind, a legend. Dont forget that “the most awarded pop album in history is also the artist’s first pop album” and THAT’S HER!!! Strategi nya jago sih doi. Gue akan fair mulai sekarang, kalo Tay lagi oke she deserves compliments tapi kalo doi lagi mengecewakan yaudah, gue udah ga buta banget kek dulu gitu loh.

      PS. doi udah less drama sekarang. LUV! #tayislyfe

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